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SHSID Won Xuhui Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Competition!

      On October 22nd, SHSID’s U15 Girls Basketball Team participated in the Xuhui District Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Competition at Shanghai No.2 High School. The competition was 3 aside, with games played on a half-court. For each round, six players from two schools were playing in two separate half-courts.








      Then the judges would combine scores from the two games as the final one. SHSID has been the champion of this competition more than 20 times since 1993. This year, there were ten junior varsity teams attending the competition, and SHSID was in Group B.
Around 12:30, all players arrived at the court and began their warm-up. The competition officially began at 1pm. Our team included newly-joined seventh graders, well-trained eighth graders, and the experienced ninth graders. We played a total of four rounds during the competition. Our team easily won the first two rounds and advanced to the final two rounds. During the third round, we competed with the top team from Group C. Thanks to great teamwork, we won the game. Then the final round came, and we met our old rival from last year, Southwest Weiyu Middle School, again. SHSID lost that game last year, so we were determined to win back this time. Every player was competing with all their energy, and full cooperation with their teammates. There's a saying that goes, "a good attack wins games, but a good defense wins championships.” Taking advice from our Coach Yang, we put more focus on defense. It was a tough game, yet we played even tougher. With help from the ninth graders, our school won the final round, and eventually brought the championship of the tournament back to SHSID.









      Through this competition, we can see that all the efforts that the players and our coach have put into our trainings have paid off. Everyone has progressed a lot since last year, and we should always keep up with this momentum. Remember, another tournament will be coming up next week!








(Written by 8(4) Adellyn       Directed by Ms. Gu       Picture by Ms. Yi)