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Puxi Grade 1: the Eggcellent Parent Program

Since the teachers introduced the ‘Eggcellent Parent’ activity on November 30th, they were bombarded with questions like “when are we going to have our baby egg?” Finally, on Monday, December 4th, all the students got their egg babies, handling them with great caution. They made a safe and comfortable nest for the egg using a plastic cup and tissue paper. The kids need to take the egg baby wherever they go, to school and back home, and do everything together with the egg, then take pictures of all their special moments together.

We hope that through this caring process, the kids will experience the love and take responsibilities. At the end of the project, the students also need to use the Creator Book app that they learned about in IT class to make a comic book about their cute

little egg. We are looking forward to seeing how many kids can be an ‘eggcellent’ parent.

During the whole week, all the first graders will come to school and back home with their baby every day. They are going to spend a lot of time altogether. They may play, have dinner and even sleep altogether. Hopefully every student will be a responsible parent.

(Written by Elaine Mo         Pictures by the Grade 1 Teachers)