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2018 USAP China Round: An Experience of Team Cooperation

This year, the China Round of the United States Academic Pentathlon (USAP) was held in Guangzhou again. Our school sent more than 40 students to compete in this tournament. It was my second time joining USAP. Our team won the first place as 7th graders last year, and we won the championship again this year. USAP requires its 'pentathletes' to study and comprehend various materials for five subjects: Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, Literature, and Mathematics. USAP's theme this year is Africa (last year was about WWII). The resources guide provided us with a great deal of information about Africa, covering its climate regions, tribes, contemporary music, etc.  Aided by the experience we gained last year, our team worked very hard preparing for this competition. We held a lot of live meetings on Wechat in order to make sure that the whole team was on the same page. Although it was my second time competing in USAP, I still met a lot of challenges during the review while juggling with other school activities. However, our team helped each other to overcome all the challenges we faced, and together we learned more about the continent of Africa.



In my opinion, our team has made several improvements this year. We did better in the objective tests because our team learned the materials together in great detail. We got a higher score in the super quiz, and we had better teamwork and cooperation when building the ping-pong tower during the assessment center. I found myself learning and growing during the competition in ways that may not be possible in the classroom. I learned not only the knowledge provided by the resources guide, but also the power of teamwork. I am very proud to be a USAP pentathlete, as well as a member of our team. Our team qualified for the USAP final, and I believe that we will perform well and achieve even more accomplishments this year.



(Written by Anya 8(4)       Directed by Ms. Gu     Pictures by Grades 7-8 parents)