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Pudong Grade 3: Catch the Tail of Spring Festival

On March 3rd, the last day of the Chinese New Year, came the Lantern Festival. The 3rd graders of Pudong Campus caught the tail of the festival to remember the good times they had had over the holiday.

Lantern Festival is a day for family reunion and also for lantern riddles! The teachers prepared various riddles for the students. They tried to figure out the answers during snack time and Personal Growth period. All the students were so excited to get in line and wait to share their answers with the teachers. After correctly answering a riddle, some students chose to share their presents with other students who didn't answer the riddles correctly. Immersed in this joyful atmosphere, the 3rd graders learned not only about some Chinese traditions, but also the spirit of sharing.

(Written by Haoruo Li       Pictures by Surong Chen & Haoruo Li)