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Puxi Grade 5: Chinese lantern Festival Activity

On March 1st, we celebrated Chinese Lantern Festival in the last class of the day. The school put up a total of 500 hundred lanterns in the long hallways of the 5th and 6th grade. Each of the lanterns had an interesting riddle on it.

In the last class, students went into the hallway and tried to figure out the riddles. If you knew the answer, you could report to the “Answer Rooms” and if you were right, you got a lollipop. As a student, it was really hard to get a lollipop. For one thing the riddles were pretty hard. Another thing is that even though you might have a correct answer, the chances are pretty slim that no one has already answered it yet. In my opinion, the English riddles on the first floor were generally easier than the Chinese riddles on the second floor. That’s partly because a lot of them were just English, Math, Science or Geography questions. So it was basically a pop quiz. The Lantern Festival Activity was a great opportunity to put our IQ to the test and win some lollipops.

We were so excited to have this activity before Lantern Festival. It not only gave us a lot of fun but also helped us gain a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

(Written by 5(5) Lucas        Pictures by Mr Johnson)