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Puxi Grade 1: Learn to be Heroes -- Moral Education in First Grade

During the Opening Ceremony of the second semester, Ms. Bao, the director of SHSID’s Primary Section, made a new wish for all the primary school students: to be a superhero!

‘HEROES’ is the central idea in Moral Education in the Primary Section. Each letter in the word stands for a goal for the students. ‘H’ stands for honesty, the first ‘E’ stands for encouragement, ‘R’ stands for respect, ‘O’ stands for organization, the second “E’ stands for excellence, and ‘S’ stands for sharing. Each letter also has its own superhero. To help promote HEROES, the First Grade teachers made posters of these characters to hang in the hallways.

During Personal Growth class on March 1st, the First Grade teachers and students had a brainstorm to discuss what they should do to match the goals of HEROES in their daily lives. All the students took an active part in the discussion and cooperated to complete their brainstorming session and compile the results.

From now on, when a student does something to show honesty, encouragement, respect, organization, excellence or sharing, they will get a superhero sticker with their name on it, and then get to stick it on the corresponding figure poster. At the end of the activity, all the first graders will check whether their behavior matches the requirements or not.

All the teachers want our first graders to develop better behavior with help from HEROES, and become better primary school students..

(Written by Elaine Mo       Pictures by Elaine Mo)