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Grade 10:Art Exhibition on Depression Awareness

The art exhibition in the Zhongxing Building annex lobby is currently featuring an exhibition aimed at promoting depression awareness called ‘WE Within Darkness’. WE Club, a charity- based club has teamed up with the creativity club Think Outside The Box to provide an opportunity for students to get in touch with topics such as the darkness and wretchedness that often accompany patients suffering from depression. The exhibition features mostly black and white pieces to indicate the heaviness of the topic in order to promote more students to be aware, and better yet, think kindly of depression patients. Aside from the black and white artworks that depict the emotional status of people suffering from depression, the exhibition also features colorful 3D artworks such as a pyramid of award-winning artistically modified Starbucks cups, one of the main features of the exhibition, kindly donated by Roots&Shoots@SHSID to promote hope, love and care from the world to those in need. Overall, ‘WE Within Darkness’ aims to promote the idea that people suffering from depression are in need of love and care from society.

(Written by 10(8) Rachel Wu         Pictures by Chen Lin)