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Grade 10: STEM Competitions Information Session

During PBL class on March 1st, the tenth graders of SHSID listened to a lecture given by Mr. Liao and Ms. Xie about some STEM competitions. Firstly, Ms. Xie, who is the coordinator of the STEM group in the Zhongxing Building, introduced some well-renowned academic competitions that are suitable for senior high school students. There is a wide range of subjects that students can choose from, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Linguistics, and Business. Some science fairs and robotics competitions were also mentioned. After that, Ms. Xie informed the students about the sign-up process. Last but not least, Mr. Liao put extra focus on IGEM and FRC, which are two robotics competitions. He showed the students their official websites and some videos to help SHSID students to familiarize themselves with those competitions.

(Written by 10(1)Pauline      Pictures by Chen Lin)