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Grade 9: High School Life Launch Lesson — (2) Opening Ceremony and Introduction of Course Curriculum

On September 3rd, the first day of the semester, all high school freshmen and sophomores attended the 2018 Opening Ceremony. When the ceremony began, Principal Ma enthusiastically welcomed the students back to campus. After reviewing the outstanding achievements made during the previous school year, he expressed great hope for the new semester. Subsequently, Director Liu overviewed high school affairs and encouraged the students to show valiant efforts in creating a heightened sense of self-worth in the new school year. Finally, the long-awaited  Scholarship Awards were announced. Despite their different focuses, the social prize, academic prize, and the principal prize are each worth year-round effort and continued motivation from each student. Following the awards, the student representative gave an enthralling speech which  took the entire auditorium by surprise and left attendees feeling thoroughly impressed by the school's ability to cultivate talent. A statement from a parent representative then captured the  passion parents and schools share in their children's growth. Finally, amid the soft music of the school orchestra, we officially entered the new school year. We wish each of the students a wonderful semester filled with  knowledge.

Following the pleasant opening ceremony, as well as an abundance of warm and fun activities, students began the most important parts of high school---coursework and study. On the afternoon of the first day of school, all ninth graders gathered in the XianMian Annex Auditorium for a course outlining the entire high school curriculum. First, Jiang Hao, the IB/AP coordinator, explained the entire high school curriculum system, with close emphasis on AP and IB. Students listened attentively while preparing to choose their high school courses. In addition, Liu Shan, the school curriculum coordinator, shared interesting lessons and learning methods. In the initial leap from middle school to high school, students will experience a huge change not only in learning methods and content, but also how to adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle of high school. Ms. Liu offered many more effective suggestions on how to adjust to this new environment. She also introduced many different elements of the high school curriculum, including PBL, Academy, and other executive development courses. The students were encouraged to combine their own interests and expertise in selecting suitable courses that highlight their talents and skills. Following this successful preparation, high school students will no longer be left wondering about their next step, but feel a sense of self-confidence and yearning for the future. I hope each high school student will happily learn, grow, and succeed this new school year. 








(Written by 9(6) Lynn Zuo      Pictures by XieJunyu)