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Grade 9: High School Life Launch Lesson —— (4) Grade Teambuilding Contest

On September 5th, 9th grade students participated in the Grade Teambuilding Contest inside the gym auditorium.

The first activity was a ballon relay. Students lined up in a single file line to quickly pass balloons to the person behind them while holding the balloon between their heads and their shoulders. The next event was called the “Landmine Array”, in which students were required to line up and walk around a "minefield" of tennis balls. The students were blindfolded while trying to avoid stepping on or making contact with the tennis balls while another directed them around the obstacles.

In the last event, “Hot Wheels”, students took part in creating an extremely long strip of newspaper - adhered together by tape only. After making the strip long enough, they had to connect both ends together and go inside the circle of newspapers and start moving forward. The students then had to walk from one end of the gym to the other end. A lot of the newspapers broke during the race, so the “newspaper fixer” on each team had to repair the damage during the race efficiently.  

All in all, every class was a winner because they tried their best to collaborate with each other throughout the process. As a result of this event, students were able to know more about their new classmates as well as the importance of solidarity as a class.














(Written by 9(3) Victoria Lan       Pictures by SHS TV Station)