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Pudong Grade 2: First Day of School!

The summer holiday was filled with happiness but went by quickly as the first day of the new semester has come and gone. The Pudong Campus Opening Ceremony was held on the morning of September 3rd. All students and teachers gathered in our brand-new auditorium to kick-off the 2018 School Year. The students were excited to see their dear classmates after two months apart. In order to encourage the students who put in a lot of effort and performed very well last semester, we prepared various certificates and prizes for the 12 stars of each class during the glorious awards ceremony. Afterwards, grade two students went back to their classrooms to start their learning adventure in their brand-new classrooms, which are filled with beautiful decorations. The first day of school ended with a bright smile on every kid's face. We wish all of them a fantastic experience during the new school year!

(Written by Gu Jingyang      Picture by GuJingyang, Yangcun)