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Pudong Grade 2: A letter from YOU

Children who grew up in the Internet Era have long been used to communicating via mobile phones and other electronic devices. At the beginning of this new semester, grade two students from Pudong campus received a special gift - a letter! Although the handwritten letters are written by elementary schoolers, the simple words and phrases used in each unique note reveal the sincere feelings of the writer. These letters were written by current third grade students on their final day of second grade. They shared their unique personal experiences like favorite books hidden in the bottom shelves of the second row of the library, and gave helpful advice, such as, "if you want to be popular, you have to learn to care about others first" and "second-grade homework is not difficult at all and there are many games to play..." The new second graders, who have just received their letters, are looking forward to everything in the new school year with the guidance of those experienced second graders!

(Written by Gu Jingyang       Pictures by Gu Jingyang)