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Pudong Grade 1: The First Assembly

 On Sep. 10th, 2018, grade one students in SHSID Pudong had their very first assembly of the school year. After students turned in their homework, everyone was asked to line up before their first lesson. While students were still curious as to what was going on, they were led toward the hallway and instructed to sit down as a group. A teacher came to the front and began announcing the highlights of the month. These include lessons such as: taking care of yourself and others, do the right thing even when no one is watching, and I know what is right - do what is right. Students listened carefully and thought about what they can do to meet these highlights. Later, teachers awarded Weekly Stars for those who had done ba great job in the past week. By doing this, students were highly motivated to work harder during the school day. We all look forward to their bright future starting from here.





  (Written by Yuting Gao     Pictures by Yuting Gao)