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Grade 9: P&B Assembly Lesson

On September 10th, ninth graders had their first P&B assembly in the Xianmian Auditorium. To begin, Grade supervisor Ms. Yu explained each event to the students. Next, Mr. Pardy and Mr. Slonim delivered a highly educational yet entertaining lecture on personal growth. Mr. Slonim first asked the students to ponder deep questions, such as, "Who am I”. Mr. Pardy explained that while questions about identity are hard for 9th graders to answer, they expect all the students to be able to answer them at the end of the school year. With the help of the personal growth handbook, students will track their own personal growth throughout the year. They also explained that everyone should strive to be different and stand out from the rest in order to clearly define themselves. Finally, the teachers introduced two fun activities. The first was a long-term time capsule event designed by Ms. Liu called and the other was ab engaging WeChat activity. Many students actively participated and made Wechat moments filled with joy and recognition.






(Written by 9(1) Peter Zhu      Pictures by YuZhen       Supervised by XieJunyu)