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Pudong Grade 1: Bus Safety

Sep. 11th, 2018, grade one students in SHSID Pudong learnt how to maintain bus safety in their personal growth class of the day. In the first part of the lesson, teachers introduced several rules to follow when taking the school bus, including to fasten your seat belt, whisper to your friends, and always stay in your seat. Students were then invited to share why they thought their classmates should obey the school bus safety rules. Later, grade three students came into the classrooms and performed several safety role-plays to grade one students. After the performance, the audience was quite excited and no one could wait to talk about what they learned. Thanks to this activity, students now understand the rules of the school bus as well as the reasons why we follow them. Additionally, the third graders acted as personal examples for our first graders to learn from. What an amazing personal growth class!






 (Written by Yuting Gao     Pictures by Yuting Gao)