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A Successful Parent Meet for All the Incoming First Graders in SHSID

We had a great parents meeting with our new 1st Grade parents on Tuesday, September 11th. It gave us all a chance to get to know each other and for the parents to learn more about SHID Primary School, enabling them to better help our new 1st Grade students adapt to their new school lives.



Both of the homeroom teachers in each class gave a very detailed introduction on every aspect of the students’ new school life. This included the school disciplinary standards and procedures, daily routines, social skills, a detailed explanation on every subject taught, and many other useful tips for school life. The teachers also arranged a Q&A session to make sure that the concerns and questions that the parents had were addressed and discussed.



Hopefully this 1stgrade parent-teacher meeting will help all the students and their parents better understand and cope during the first few months of their new school lives.

(Written by Jane Wu          Photos by Rebecca Bao)