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SHSID School Mission and Core Values


      Educational Philosophy: At the beginning of establishment, SHSID strived:
To widely accept the essence of advanced education
To incorporate the spirit of different cultures
To impart the achievements of contemporary science and technology
To cultivate the talents of the 21st Century


To help students adapt to the time as well as the progress and development of science and technology To cultivate high-level talents with strong competitiveness and high sense of commitment towards the community at large
To develop students into friendship ambassadors between the Chinese culture and other cultures


      School Mission
To provide the foundations for life-long development
To encourage personal growth
To promote international awareness by providing a multi-cultural experience
To develop an understanding of social skills and methodologies in the information age
To improve students’ multi-lingual skills
To emphasize the study of math, science and technology


To upgrade the school from a first rate school in China and an internationally renowned school to a top school in
China and a first rate school internationally;
To make the school a world-famous, research-driven and innovative school in elementary education stage


      Core values
1.   We respect international standards, yet at the same time, stick to Chinese characteristics.
2.   We strive to become a window for cultural communication between East and West.
3.   We commit ourselves to the cultivation of internationally-minded talents with international vision and affection for Chinese culture.

      We implement our educational philosophy and core values in high school by contributing to the personal and lifelong development of every student.



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      We implement our educational philosophy and core values in primary and middle school by cultivating the “independent learners” and “responsible global citizens”



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