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Contact Us


Phone Number

Admission Office

64765516   64533318

68792990(Pudong Campus)

Financial Office

64551491   64535001

School Bus Office

64551503   64533418

College Counselors



64547502(Puxi grade 1-4)

68792990 (Pudong Campus)

64555412 (Puxi grade 5-6)

24286476 (grade 7-8)

64551611 (grade 9-10)

64553927 (grade 11-12)

Principal’s Office

E-mail Address: shangzhong9999@shs.cn



For school days Monday to Thursday during time slot 16:45-18:00, you would please contact the teacher on duty via telephone numbers listed below if you have something to discuss with or seek for help from our teachers. You may also directly contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


Contacts for school days Monday to Thursday during time slot 16:45-18:00


Section Affiliation

Contact Number

Puxi Grade 1-4


Pudong Campus Grade 1-5(16:30-18:00)


Puxi Grade 5-8


Grade 9-10


Grade 11-12




Note: The teachers on duty are also responsible for attending the late bus service so they might not be available for a while. In such cases, please be patient and try dialing later.