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You Shan

      有山社is a Chinese language and drama action club, established by Jessica Qu and Cheryl Wang. It is because of their countless efforts, 有山社was able to be founded. We were also able to perform野鸭, which promotes interests in drama and acting. The club is now recruiting new members who are interested in performing Chinese drama. Our club encourages native Chinese to join, but we also welcome those who would like to improve their Chinese language abilities. In joining our club, we assure you that you will receive ample practice in dramatic arts, in addition to on-stage experiences, which will improve your public speaking abilities. 有山社tends to achieve a better act of drama in the second semester, so we are practicing this semester.  There used to be a saying by our former club leader which goes, “Life is full of drama and every obstacle is just a little tragedy that will lead to the happy ending.”



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