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American Mathematics Competition 8 Awarding Ceremony

On February 26th, the students who scored well on the American Mathematics Competition 8 (a.k.a. AMC 8) were presented with their accolades at an awards-giving ceremony held in the library. Top scoring students of the school who scored above 21 out of 25 received Distinguished Honor certificates and many others made the Honor Roll. Although the top score this year 23 may not be as high as last year’s 24, the competition was more challenging than last year’s, and many received very satisfactory results. 


An especial congratulation to the students who received the Distinguished Honor award, scoring in the top 1% of the world AMC participant percentile. These students are: Joyce Xu, Eric Fan, Alan Yang, Tina Liu, Richard Zhang, John Zhou, and Austin Feng. Among the participants of the AMC 8 competition, there were also two 6th grade students who participated and both performed well, both landing a place on the honor roll. Overall, our school managed to earn a place on the prestigious School Honor list for top performing schools in the AMC 8 competition. The results for this year were excellent and hopefully next year we can surpass this year’s benchmark.(Written by Andrew Mi from 8(1)        Picture by Jerry)



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