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AdvancED Accreditation Expert Visited SHSID

On June 3rd, 2016, SHSID welcomed Dr. Alyce LeBlanc, an expert from AdvancED Accreditation, for a one-day onsite visit. Even though it rained heavily, the visit was not affected. With the intense schedule, Dr. LeBlanc had a comprehensive picture about SHSID. 

In the morning, Dr. LeBlanc met Principal Feng Zhigang, Head of SHS and SHSID, Mr Ma Feng, SHSID High School Principal, Mr Liu Lian, SHSID Primary & Middle School Principal, and Directors and Coordinators from different grades and offices. Principal Feng delivered a welcome speech, and Dr. LeBlanc briefly introduced AdvancED Accreditation in the beginning. Then, Principal Ma introduced SHSID in an overall way. Afterwards, Dr. LeBlanc visited and observed classes in different grades, went through documentation, and interviewed teachers from different departments and grades. 

Through this whole day visit, Dr. LeBlanc knew more about SHSID, and recognized our achievements and accumulated experiences from the past years. Before leaving, she provided valuable suggestions for the school's future development. 

(Written by Zhang Nan     Picture by Chen Yu)








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