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College Information Session for Shanghai (I) – Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Duke, Princeton

Columbia University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, and Princeton University visited SHSID on August 29th as a stop on their Asia Information Session trip.

This information session attracted 850 participants from local and international high schools across China, including students from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Fujian province, rendering this the largest session on the entirety of the universities’ Asia trip.

Prior to the session, admission officers visited the school art gallery and history exhibition hall. Principal Feng Zhigang, the Head of SHS and SHSID- and Mr. Ma Feng- SHSID’s High School Principal- joined a group of student ambassadors to welcome five admission officers at the school café.

At the beginning of the information session, Principal Ma delivered a welcome speech to all five colleges and their alumni on behalf of the community. He also mentioned that SHSID aimed to bridge the gap between American colleges and high schools in China.

Five colleges gave brief presentations about their institutions’ undergraduate programs, and then jointly brought an overview of admissions, early/ regular round applications, and financial aid policies as well as procedures. Admission officers separately answered school-specific questions at their booth for the last 30 minutes.

Great gratitude goes to the admissions officers for such an informative program, and also a big thank you SHSID for hosting this incredible event!

( Written by 12(1)B Tiffany Mei        Picture by 12(1)B Mark Wu)


































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