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College Information Session for Shanghai (2)

Become educated people and see things from many different viewpoints.This is really how I want to learn.

Ranging from big universities to small liberal art colleges, from California to New York, five of the best schools in the States: UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Bennington College and Bard College all gathered at SHSID auditorium, conducting the US-China higher education symposium on September 20th.

These different colleges have different characteristics and are looking for different students: UC Berkley is an academically and athletically proficient school; John Hopkins is a research university that strives all of its students to become experts in their specific fields; Bard College requires students to study a holistic curriculum to expand their future directions; and Bennington college embraces college diversity and heavily emphasizes on internships for its students to be prepared after college.

From presentations to Q&A sessions and then eventually concluding with individual info sessions, all participants of the symposium gained a better insight of how to prepare for college applications, but most importantly, a higher anticipation of college life.(Written by 11(1)A Emily Teng  Picture  by Chen Yu)











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