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Best Team, Best Education SHSID Grade 1-8 Teachers’ Team Building

       April 14th was a great day with lots of sunshine and warm wind. On that day, SHSID teachers from Grade 1~8 went to Qingpu District and did teambuilding exercises beside Lake Dianshan.

       The whole team was divided into nine squads, and in every three squads there was one group that would play team games. At the beginning of the teambuilding exercises, all the squads designed their own flag, name, slogan and ending pose.
       The first group was archery. On the archery range, all the teachers aimed nervously and shot at the target. Arrows hit various scoring zones, and each score brought a warm applause.

       The second group’s game was “shifter.” First, eight teachers would move the long balloon to the terminal point by walking together in perfect unison. Second, one teacher would get into another balloon and run to make it run back to the starting point. At last, each team would say “We are the best team!” together to make the game to the end.

       The third group’s game was to build a tower by cubes. Teachers first made the cubes with cystosepiments. They then built the tower with those cubes. The higher the tower was, the higher score squads would receive. The most important point in building the tower was to make the tower stable when adding one more cube at the bottom. So this game tested the teambuilding spirit the most.

        “Best team, best education,” was the motto of the teambuilding event. The teambuilding exercise on April 14th was aimed at cultivating the cooperation among teachers, and having teachers relax for a while after their hardwork during the first half of the second semester.

(Written by Elaine Mo       Picture by Ni Minxue)







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