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Brief Introduction On Music Teaching

The music curriculum of Shanghai High School includes more than 40 courses, which consults the design of the curriculum in domestic art colleges. The whole music curriculum can be put into 3 catalogs: History and Appreciation, Subject skills, and Practice and Experience.

The History and Appreciation part is also called the View-widen classes, which stress on the introduction of major musicians in different times and the appreciation of the classics masterpieces. The Subject Skills part is also called the Knowledge-development classes, which can be divided into music skills classes and dance skills class. The Practice and Experience part includes “analysis” and “practice”. The Practice music class encourages the students to apply what they learn in the class to the performances and art activities.

According to the different class hours, the music curriculum includes large-scale, small-scale and micro-scale classes. Sticking to the principle of student-orientation, the school respects the personal development of every student. Students can choose the courses that they are interested in and arrange their own art class schedule according the total class hours.

The accomplishment of the music education in our school can be presented by the regular large-scale report-back performance from the art classes, such as the vocal music performance, the drama display and the instrument performances. It can also be shown by the annual school art festival and the art individual competitions, such as the Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument Solo Competition and the Computer Music Competition.

More and more unique viewpoints arise in students’ music projects, which shows the students’ interest in study and their ability to further study and research.


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