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“SHS” Cup Piano Contest

     Shanghai “SHS” Cup Piano Contest is guided by the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office and the Shanghai Education Committee; hosted by Shanghai Technology and Art Education Center and Shanghai High School, co-hosted by the Teaching Methodology Research Office of the Shanghai Education Committee, Shanghai International Junior’s Piano Contest Organizing Committee, and Shanghai Musician Association. In the year of 2010, “SHS” Cup Piano Contest has become one of the official art contests for students in Shanghai. The contest is meant to enhance the students’ art accomplishment, promote the development and exchange of school cultural activities, and inspire the students’ creativity on music expressions and the enthusiasm on learning piano.

     The contest consists of two rounds, which are the” masterpiece playing” and “improvisation”. The improvisation part encourages the piano learners to bring their music imagination and creativity into full play, and to express their understanding and feelings of music by the performance of their fingers. Before the semi-finals and the finals, in order to enable the players to have a better performance in the improvisation part, the organizing committee will arrange free lessons from experts. More and more great players with excellent music creativity stand out in the latest contests.


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