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School Introduction

Build a World Top Researching-and-Innovation Based Chinese School of Primary Education

------ Introduction to Shanghai High School 2016

Established in 1865 and originally known as the Longmen Academy, Shanghai High School operates on the principle that it should prepare talents for the country's progression. Groups of outstanding students have spent their youth here, later contributing to national development and revitalization. According to statistics, among the alumni, 105 of them have held or hold ministry or provincial level leadership positions, 55 of them are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 30 are People's Liberation Army generals, and over 200 are university principals and experts in different fields. Covering an area of more than 340 acres and enrolling more than 4200 students (1200 in the Local Division and 3000 in the International Division), Shanghai High School has been awarded as a National Gardening Model Unit, National Civilization Unit, and an Experimental School of "Top-Notch Innovative Talents Cultivation Base". In the past 150 years, Shanghai High School has created a miracle with her perseverance, and by creating glories one after another, has become a leader in education in Shanghai and across China. Today, Shanghai High School is striving to be "a World Top Researching-and-Innovation Based Chinese School of Primary Education ".



Dedicated to Educating Elites and Giving Priority to Moral Education

“Educating elites with enjoyment is like planting a sapling; watching successful pupils growing up is like harvesting fruit from the trees”. Adhering to the philosophy of “Elite Education”, our school focuses on educating gifted students and puts “Moral Education and Character Cultivation” in the first place.

Our school has formed a systematic framework for the moral education of gifted students, in which socialist core values are essential elements in deepening national spirit and life education. We have promoted the unity of gifted students’ thoughts, behaviors and social activity, constructed more than 150 modules of moral education for 39 subjects in four categories, namely cognition, experience, practice and introspection, highlighting five characteristics, including modern consciousness, innovation, social practice, connotations of knowledge, and digital environment.



Our school has established a number of influential compulsory moral education courses for giftd students, such as “The Most Popular Students”, CPS (Creation • Practice • Service), LO (Leadership and Organization), Double “I” (Improving Self-awareness and Interpersonal Intelligence), 48-Hour Survival Training, Social Investigation on National Conditions and Folk Customs • International Situations and other programs and activities to enhance gifted students’ leadership and organization, interpersonal communication and social practice skills, encourage students to have high aspirations, sharpen their wills, promote them to be positive and optimistic, and form SHS's brand of moral education and character cultivation.


Holding Fast to “The Nature of Education” and Focusing on Interest

Holding fast to the nature of education, our school attaches great importance to the establishment of the platforms for different types of students with varied aspirations and interests, so that students can fully display themselves. Technology, engineering, crafts, art and altogether more than 30 modern digital innovation laboratories, advanced information management systems, SHS cloud desktop, Internet of Things, the layout of “One Stadium and Five Halls” comprising of the sports stadium, basketball hall, badminton hall, table-tennis hall, tennis hall and swimming pool, the Four Centers including the Fine Arts Center, Musical and Theatre center, Film and Media Center, Mental Health Center, more than 40 community associations such as the Wenxin Club, SHS gallery, piano competition, science and technology forum, art festival, sports meeting and all other activities provide unlimited space for students’ comprehensive and personalized development. Our school gathers a group of high quality teachers with strong academic foundation, high social studies accomplishment, competent English and computer skills, and varied educational and teaching characteristics. We have more than 150 bilingual teachers and more than 110 foreign teachers to lead students’ development of aptitudes and interests.


Our school continues to carry out the early-stage training experiments for top-notch innovative talents by “integrating point and sphere” to combine students’ aspirations with interests. As for the "point", while retaining the mathematics experimental classes, the science and technology classes as well as the engineering classes were first set up in 2008 and in 2012 respectively. The science and technology classes provide five optional learning directions, i.e. physics, life science, medical science, computer science and chemistry. The engineering classes provide five optional learning directions as well, i.e. engineering, communications, environment, energy and marine science, which focus on the integration of basic courses, specialized courses and exploration courses. As for the "sphere", our school not only built up a systematic school curriculum framework to offer more than 500 development programs for selected learning, but also establishes automobile, software engineering, law, finance, human body medical science, micro-film, hosting, lecture and other specialized experimental courses to combine students’ aspirations with interests.

Sticking to “Educational Innovation” and Inspiring Potentials

The spirit of being a pioneer lays the foundation for SHS's quest in the past century. Our school has always adhered to the principle of “Educational Innovation”. It takes the lead in various areas of fundamental education, such as promoting the construction of experimental and demonstrative high schools in Shanghai, building the school curriculum framework, establishing the International Division within a public school, and carrying out experimental programs for cultivating innovation literacy of high school students. All of these give expression to our educational objective of keeping with the times and SHS's rapid progress based upon its profound heritage. In order to inspire students’ potential and encourage students to find suitable directions for development, our school first proposed and implemented the concept of "early-stage training chain for top-notch innovative talents", which not only extends the coverage of early-stage cultivation for different types of talents to junior high students, but also establishes substantive partnerships with 17 universities and research institutes, such as Fudan, Jiaotong, ACAE and other large companies. As a result, a substantive and long-term cooperation mechanism specializing in curriculum development, subject and project development, laboratory construction is formed to further promote the sustainable development of the school.


As a fusion of international visions and Chinese characteristics, our school established an international division in 1993 to explore new method of educational innovation. Till 2016, there have been students from more than 60 countries and regions, and our school has been authorized to hold international exams like, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, PSAT, ACT, A-Level. 27 IB courses have been set up and the average score of IB in 2015 was above 41.5 points (full mark: 45 points); 17 AP courses have been set up and the average score in 2015 was 4.56 points. 90% of the International Division graduates were admitted by world-top universities, like Harvard, Yale, etc. Meanwhile, the school also integrated advanced elements of international education into the educational reform in the Local Division, thus enhancing the core competitiveness of students in a global context.

In the past 18 years, the Local Division graduates of our school have continuously taken the lead in the National College Entrance Exam. 99% of the graduates have entered key universities in China, and 70% of them have entered Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Jiaotong University and universities at the same level. 90% of our graduates are able to enter professional fields where their own aspirations and interested are focused on. Each year, there are always students winning high awards in international, national and municipal level science and technology innovation contests, academic competitions, sports and art competitions. There have been students winning the gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad every year since 2008 (among them four students won the world’s top awards for individuals). There have been altogether 10 students winning the gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiads and more than 40 students winning the gold medal of Middle School Table Tennis World Championships. In 2014, our school's project--“Focusing on Students’ Aspirations and Interests, and Inspiring Their Potentials: A Practical Study on the Cultivation of Innovation Literacy of High School Students in an International Perspective” won the first prize in the first National Fundamental Education and Teaching Achievement Award.


By inheriting the past and ushering in the future, Shanghai High School will firmly adhere to the Longmen spirit--“Ceaseless Self-improvement; Pursuing Reforms and Making Innovations; Educating Elites”. Guided by Shanghai’s new development strategies of building a world-leading scientific innovation center, Shanghai High School will hold fast to its innovative, coordinated, green, open and pioneering education philosophy of “Focusing on Aspirations and Interests, and Inspiring Potentials”, so as to build SHS into a World Top Researching-and-Innovation Based Chinese School of Primary Education.


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