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Shanghai High School Five Year Development Plan

    Shanghai High School, a historical renowned school with a history of more than 140 years, accomplished the goal of building a top domestic and world famous school with high quality education and efficient management from 2002 to 2007. In the next five years, our school keeps taking the lead and substantial steps in realizing educational modernization and aiming at building a world-top Chinese school by the standards of world first-class schools. SHS follows the idea of elite education and the trend of the times to explore a modern school educational system with Chinese characterizes.

    By reference to world first-class schools, Shanghai High School mainly focuses on the following five areas during 2007 to 2012.

    Deepen school cultural connotations: mainly include tradition, core competence, and influence. A world-top school merges constant innovation with its tradition along with the pulse of the times. Meanwhile its competence mainly derives from curriculums and the school’s old and new cultural connotations.

    Multidimensional Curriculum that suits students’ individuality development: mainly includes types of curriculum and numbers of and in classes. According to the world first-class standards, the rate of curriculum selectivity need reach 45% to 55% and the proper faculty-student ratio in the class is beneficial to students’ development.

    Matching curriculum with proper discipline and teaching characteristics. The characteristics of teaching mainly reflect on the perfect combination of teaching contents, methods and technologies. Discipline characteristics mainly reflect on mathematics, science, art and other subjects.

    Building a well-found digital teaching environment with hardware and software support. A world-top school should pioneer in the digital teaching and learning to prepare students for future creativities and development in digital environment.

    Setting up a communication system with educational circles around world. To be a world-top school, we need various channels to voice out in the international educational world with other first-class schools and make dialogues with them. Also, we need highlight ourselves in international education forums and academic symposiums.


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