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School’s Honors

With top education quality in Shanghai and China for over one decade, Shanghai High School created one record after another in recent years.

SHS has been recognized as an “incubator for top-rated universities.” The acceptance rate for local Chinese graduates into domestic key universities is over 99%, more than 90% students into “211 project” universities, over 80% students into “985 project” universities, and 70% students into famous Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jiao Tong University, and Hong Kong’s universities. In recent five years, there were 9 out of 11 highest-score students in the College entrance examination all from our school. For the graduates of International Division, over 85% of the candidates have been accepted by prestigious universities in America and European countries. Of the students who applied to U.S. universities, about 80% of them were admitted into top fifty universities. About 95% international students have been accepted by Chinese key universities and 100% students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao entered key universities in China. Many of our graduates have entered world-famous universities, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Toronto, Waseda University, and Paris Conservatoire.

SHS has become a stage for students’ personality development. Our Chinese students have won 39 gold and 15 silver medals in the International Math Olympics competition and the International School Sports Federation (IFS) Table Tennis Championship. In recent six years, our students have been awarded total of 3500 top prizes on the team awards of Intel ISEF (the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair), the Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award -- Award of Deng Xiaoping, and the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award – Mayor’s Award. In last three years, IB students had 100% pass rate in all subjects. Right now, we have about 30 IB courses and average score of 2011 in all subjects reached 41.5 (total 45 points), which edged us into the advanced ranks in the world. Many students who took SAT(I and II) Tests got full marks (2400 points) with 800 points (total 800 points) on Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and Chinese. The school has over 10 AP courses. AP’s average exceeds 4.5 (total 5 points). Students also got fully development in arts, sports and other aspects of personalities.

SHS has been recognized as the first group of Experimental and Demonstrational Senior High Schools, a Model Unit of Shanghai, Shanghai Bilingual Education Experimental School, Shanghai Science and Technology Model School, a National Model Greening Unit, a National Electrical Audiovisual Education Advanced Unit, Shanghai Price Reliable Unit Shanghai Moral Education Advanced unit, Shanghai Teaching and Research Advanced Unit, Shanghai Educational Committee Security Advanced Unit, Shanghai Greening Advanced Unit, and Shanghai Code of Conduct Demonstrational School.

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